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Receive The Last 10 Weather Events At Your Home

Don't be fooled by a home's exterior that looks unaffected. Our free tool can instantly tell you:
  • Exact Dates Your Home Was Hit by Extreme Weather (including wind and hail)
  • The Type of Weather Your Roof Endured (hail size and wind speed)
  • The Amount of Times it Endured Damage
  • The Risk Level of Your Home's Exterior

Determine If Your Roof Was Hit by Extreme Weather

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Damage Reports for Insurance Restoration Projects

If you home has been impacted by extreme weather in the last year, Ready Roof will work with your home insurance company to cover a replacement. Ready Roof will...
  • Provide a digital analysis of your roof.
  • Provide a full damage report of your roof.
  • Meet with the insurance adjuster.
  • Work with the adjuster to agree on the total damage.


Ready Roof is able to provide you a virtual, touchless estimate for your hail damaged roof. Receive FREE gutters when you replace your roof! Ask about our financing options and how you can pay as little as $99 a month.